Packaging + Materials

"I'm trying to always be more thoughtful about what I use and consume as a business"

Poplar Wood

I've chosen to work with Poplar wood for all my wood items. Poplar is one of the fastest growing trees in the world. This makes them a great choice in terms of a sustainable raw material.

Poplar also efficiently sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere and is fab at purifying groundwater - so a pretty amazing tree! 

The wood is a lovely lightweight material, uniform in texture and colour. It also doesn't contain high amounts of hazardous chemicals such as Formaldehyde when compared to other materials on the market, which makes Poplar wood safe to laser cut and display in your home.  

You can read about this super tree here!  

Cast Acrylic

Unfortunately, acrylic isn't recycled easily - however, it can be re-cut and used in other projects, in a sort of up-cycled way. This is something I will be mindful of when sourcing my acrylic from suppliers here in the UK, while re-using my own acrylic sheets as efficiently as possible to minimise any waste. 

The items I make with acrylic are made to last using high quality cast Perspex, and I prefer to use precious metals like sterling silver jewellery findings, so they are not a ‘throw away item’ and will stand the test of time.


Jewellery Findings

I use the UK supplier CooksonGold for all of my jewellery findings.

My chains are all Hypoallergenic, made from either Surgical Steel or Gold and Silver plated with brass as the base metal. 

My studs and all Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel

Ear hooks are either Surgical steel or Gold plated base metal. 

They have good ethical and environmental policies which includes using recycled gold and silver. You can find out more about them here 

I am very sensitive to Nickle, so it was important to me to source jewellery findings that wouldn't cause skin reactions - there's nothing worse than not being able to wear your favourite piece of jewellery! 


Life Time Repair or Replace

To help keep your jewellery looking its best for longer and help to slow down our 'throw away culture'  I offer a lifetime repair or replace service, free of charge! Just message me letting me know an item is on the way, when I receive it back, I will either repair it or make you a brand new replacement :) 


Post & Packaging

All of my packaging is recyclable - I use Cardboard PIP boxes, business cards and tissue paper ..

I always try to safely combine orders into as few parcels as possible to minimise the amount of packaging.


As my business grows, I will always be looking at what and how I use and consume materials - there's always room for improvement!